Gloucestershire Smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon

smoked bacon

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  • Supplied Sliced  to Dave Purser at The Master Butcher by our local Willersey Provisions
  • Very popular seller as Smoked Dry cured is  just like Bacon used to be
  • Dry Cured to old methods , Smoked in  a Traditional Smokehouse using Oak Chippings
  • Runner up in 2017 Meat Management Awards for Best Bacon Product
  • For best results Oven Bake, Grill or Shallow fry ideal anytime of the day, just like bacon used to taste

Ingredients List:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Preservatives E250 + E251
  • Yeast Extract
  • Antioxidant E301

ALLERGENS: Nitrate & Nitrite

UNIT PACK WEIGHT:Smoked Dry Cured Gloucestershire back Bacon

supplied in 230g ( 1/2 lb ) Vac Packed about 6-8 slices approx as sizes do vary

Or 460g  ( 1lb) Vac Packed about 12 - 16slices  approx. as sizes do vary