Traditional Pork (Thin) Sausage
Traditional thin 1
from £3.49
Traditional Pork (Thick) Sausage
traditional thick 1
from £4.39
Traditional Chicken (Thick) Sausage
Trad chicken sausage
from £4.39
Traditional Cocktail Pork Sausage
Cocktail sausage
from £4.88
Traditional Pork Sausage Meat.
sausage meat 2
from £4.21
Hunters Feast ( Pork & Venison) Sausage
Hunters feast sausage 2
from £4.39
Authentic Italian (Without Fennel) Pork Sausage
Authentic italian
from £4.67
Sage and Red Onion Pork Sausage
Sage and red onion
from £4.39