Gluten Free Traditional Pork Sausage Meat

Gluten Free Sausage meat gluten Free sausagemeat

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All of our Gluten Free Traditional Pork Sausage Meat are made on our premises by David Purser of The Master Butcher from the Best Free Range Pork available.

Due to being a sufferer myself, I created my own recipes in 2017 have been a great success and I would like to share them with you.

Only our secret Gluten free recipe is ever used to produce sausage meat , guaranteeing Constant Quality.

All our Gluten Free Sausage Meat are made lovely & filled on the premises into 1lb Sausage sleeves which gives a Great Finish.

Our Gluten Free Sausage Meat is not just for Christmas even though its traditional.

Its great all year around for stuffing joints & making Sausage Rolls.

UNIT PACK WEIGHT: Gluten Free Traditional Sausage Meat will be sold in sleeves approx. 460g


Ingredients Contain :Rice Flour, Preservatives E221

*Guaranteed No MSG in our Recipe*

ALLERGENS: Sulphite,*May also contain Soya*